12 Week Back on Track Challenge

Did you have a really fun summer and now your waistline is paying the price?  Let us help you get back on track with our Results Guaranteed 90 Day Flexible Living Back on Track Challenge.
Macro Meal Plan Coach:  Amy Howe
Personal Trainers available:   Jaymie Sawyer (Kingsville/Harrow),  Dan Jacobs (Kingsville), Heather Pillon (Kingsville), MaryAnn Raffoul (Kingsville), Shannon Munger (Harrow), Kirby Didone (Harrow), AnneMarie Grant (Harrow), Frankie Capelli (Harrow/Kingsville), Wayne Dibbley (Harrow), Ray Wall (Kingsville/Harrow), Faith Monaco (Kingsville), Arielle Dimenna (Kingsville)
Flexible dieting is just that, a flexible approach to dieting that is about focusing less on food name, and more so on food composition ie. what foods are made up of in terms of the macronutrients, micronutrients and fibre. It aims to provide a practical solution to dieting which is maintainable in the long term such that it will provide sustained results.
Flexible dieting simply involves daily calorie and macro nutrient targets whereby you eat foods that allow you to reach those daily targets. It is merely a system of quantification that allows you to measure your intake according to your desired goal. Think of it this way, if you were to build a house, would you do so without using a tape measure? No, because it would be a very inefficient and inaccurate way to build a house, so why would you try and build your dream body without tracking your macros?
Macronutrient tracking is like the tape measure for building your body, it allows you to measure and track everything that goes in, in order to build your body in the most efficient and effective way. It eliminates all the guesswork of conventional dieting and ensures you are heading in the right direction.
 Program Registration CLOSES September 12th, 2017.
Program STARTS September 25th, 2017
The Package:
Customized macro count specific to YOU – All registered participant will receive a completely customized macro count specific to YOUR age, weight, height, activity level, health conditions and GOALS. No generic counts provided.
Success Tracking Journal – each participant will receive a success tracking journal to help them stay accountable to their 90 day goals.   You will be required to bring your book to one of your personal training sessions each week so your selected trainer can record your measurement success.
App Accountability  Clients will need to download the App MyMacros+ in order to stay accountable to their macro targets and to me so I can view your daily food choices
Flexible Living Handouts – So you don’t know what Macros or Flexible Living is? That’s okay! The concept is new to many, but it will change the way you view food and live your life. I will provide you will all the starting information you require to get you started!
12 Week Unlimited Class Membership (NON Members): Non Members are encouraged to utilize our vast group fitness schedule between both Kingsville and Harrow studios.  .
24 x 30 minute Personal Training Sessions – You will get to choose one of our experienced female or male personal trainers to be your accountability coach for the 12 weeks.  It is your responsibility to set up your sessions with your trainer each week.  Sessions can be fixed or floating based on your schedule.    You have 24 x 30 minute sessions you MUST use them before the end of the challenge or they will expire.
Facebook Group Accountability – you will be required to add me as a friend on Facebook (Amy Howe-Wall) so I can add you into the community of Flexible Dieters that I have created. You can use this community to ask questions about the app or just post your progress for further accountability. I encourage you to utilize this tool.
Unlimited EMAIL Access – If you have a question, you can always shoot me an email to amyhowefit@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any of your pressing questions. Your success is the most important thing to me!
RESULTS – follow your plan, stay dedicated, stay honest and stay accountable and you will reach your 4 Week Accountability Goal as listed ond your questionnaire.
This challenge is perfect for anyone who wants to try and drop some unwanted body fat quickly while successfully learning h o w e to eat and h o w e to live without starvation or deprivation.
Your investment: 
$500 Members            (3 equal monthly payments of only $188.33)
$750  Non Members (3 equal monthly payments of only $282.50)

Flexible payment plans available.

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