Spin Classes – 4 Types

*If you are new to spin – please come a few minutes early to class and introduce yourself to our wonderful instructor.   From here, they will ensure you know how to set up your bike correctly and go over the various resistance settings on your bike*
Spin Camp – (30 Mins) – Intermediate
This is our anything goes spin class for the intermediate to advanced exercisers!   You can enjoy the amazing cardio benefits of spin while breaking from the bike to do various pylometrics, body weight and core exercises in order to deliver the most high intensity workout yet.
Spin Cycle – (30 mins)  All Levels
This one is for our pure spin lovers.   All 30 minutes of just spin intervals done on the comfort of your own bike.   Participants can expect to do timed sprint and climb intervals as to the most upbeat tunes to keep you motivated and sweating.
Spin Core – (30 mins) – All Levels
Participants can enjoy 3-5 minute spin intervals and then make their way to the floor for various ab exercises such as sit ups, push ups, planks, double straight legs and more all desired to sculpt your mid section and burn off the fat!
Spin Tone – (30 mins) – All Levels
Participants can enjoy 3-5 minute spin intervals followed by 2-4 minutes of weight training with dumbbells, barbells or body weight resistance exercises.   Each class the weight training portion will shift so exercisers can expect to do different exercises each time with proper form and posture to ensure safety.

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