Fitness and bodybuilding have been an important component in my life since my youth and teens.I was the proverbial skinny kid in the beach cartoon tired of feeling like getting sand in my face.
Nowadays,  I’m the loves to eat inappropriately bald guy fighting the power of aging and pushing to constantly improve.
Recently at 43 I checked entering a bodybuilding contest off my bucket list and at 43, won Silver and qualified for provincials in Masters Physique at The OPA Fouads.  I will be looking to improve and perhaps step up to bodybuilding class in 2017.
I have my Bachelors of Science Nursing degree and have seen first hand how not prioritizing our health and well being can set our quality of life way back.
Meeting new people, motivating and shaping their behavior and coaching them motivates and helps me probably as much as it does them.
I have a versatile style from intense to positively encouraging, depending on what motivates and brings the fire our in you.
It would be an honor to assist you in your fitness goals, and celebrate your results with you.
Please catch me in Kingsville or Harrow, or send me an email to to team up towards your transformation!!!